Elizabeth Lea Vos (pictured on the right) partners w/ Craddick of CENTCOM.
Ignore what they say about Assange, but listen to what Whitney Webb says about Epstein.

General Sands on Genie Energy’s ties to 9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein.

Queen Christine, High Commissioner – Special

 1. 100% PROOF Rothschild & Soros fund WikiLeaks.
 2. 100% PROOF Julian Assange is framed in the 9/11 attacks.
 3. 100% PROOF Julian Assange leaked the lover letter to General Sands.
 4. 100% PROOF US Homeland Security provided Julian Assange security & communications.
 5. 100% PROOF British Foreign & Commonwealth Office & Soros fund Julian Assange.
100% PROOF Ecuador’s UK Ambassador worked on Julian Assange’s UN case.
100% PROOF Flames hit Pentagon on 9/11 BEFORE the object.
100% PROOF Julian Assange was an orphan raised on a CIA child sex slave camp.
100% PROOF General Sands has the bullet that assassinated JFK.
100% PROOF WikiLeaks spirit cooking is tied to Hampstead cannibal kids.
11. 100% PROOF Pam Anderson conspired w/ US military in the Assange case & covered it up.