Defend the Right to Truth Always:  Free Julian Assange Today

Do tell Prosecutor Marianne.Ny@aklagare.se, Sweden: registrator.uc-goteborg@aklagar.se 
and Anna Ardin @therealardin Anonymous Demands Freedom for Assange


Anonymous Prays for Julian Assange
(Let Us All Lift Him Up in Prayer at 6pm London Time on Nov. 5th)

The most important right to defend is our right to the truth, for we cannot make a plan without it. The United States government believes it has a right to kill in secrecy before its citizens have a right to the truth. Even the American people are at odds with their own government.  Corrupt journalism has led to the death of millions, and Obama has sentenced whistleblowers to a total of 526 months in prison–20x more than all past presidents combined.

anna ardin

Referring to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, Anna Ardin tweeted, “No, I have not been raped,”

Priority #1 is to free whistleblowers to defend our right to the truth. Let us make a difference this November 5th by calling for the freedom of Julian Assange who is the chief editor of the #1 whistleblowing web site in the world: WikiLeaks. Assange is being honored with the only star on the Million Mask March map. His freedom is not an option, it’s a demand by the people in this world who stand for truth.

Stand with us to free Julian Assange by coordinating your MMM groups worldwide with signage saying “Free Assange.” Consider adding a chant for Julian with your preplanned chants to be heard not only in your communities but via livestream and on videos worldwide. Remember, we’re “The Largest World Protest by the Most Influential Group in the World.”