British Paedophile Cannibal Kingdom Leads World
Baby Rape with Dick Salesman & Child Sex Trafficker Pam Anderson


Meanwhile, Assange’s CIA fake accuser
Anna Ardin tramps around in her penis shoes.

anna ardin penis
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 British Royals Spend $20M on Assange while mostly not enforcing rape.

British Royals Hide Massive Parliamentary Paedophilia
as Police go broke Paying $20,000,000 for a Worthless Condom
in Fake News Frame-up of King Julian

King Julian, New Jerusalem, City of the Sun, Highest Mountain, Equator

 You know you’re BIG when …

UK blows 2x more on your Rubber Johnny than on the murder of their own Princess.
UK spends more on you as an uncharged political refugee than on the Iraq War Probe.
25 times more spent on your broken condom than the 9/11 World Trade Center Investigation. @38:00 

feb 14

Prince Andrew refuses anytime/anyplace interview as WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange begs Sweden for interview in Britain.

 NO RAPE  Reported in teleSUR 14 FEB 2015

Anna Ardin ‏@therealardin
@MiaAnkarwall nej, jag har inte blivit våldtagen, men jag anser ändå att djur har rättigheter och att människor är djur, tagga ner!
7:36 AM – 23 Apr 13 / no, I have not been raped, but I do believe that animals have rights and that humans are animals, tag down!

anna ardin

TESTIMONY:  Anna Ardin (says no rape & doesn’t want police help)
:  Sofia Wilén (refused to review & sign police report)
TESTIMONY:  Julian Assange

media reminder

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES | Anna Ardin Tweeted April 2013 That She Had Not Been Raped | 3 FEB 2014
MAIL ONLINE |Anna Ardin Smiling Pic with Assange in Days After | 19 SEP 2012
GUARDIAN | Anna Ardin Sent Twitter Messages Undermining Police Statement | 17 DEC 2010

anna ardin mia

 Home Secretary Theresa May Screws UK Police as Funds Warning Issued
UK Theresa May “Sucking” Police | Police Lack Resources to Probe Corruption
Nick Clegg, UK Deputy Prime Minister Didn’t Know Assange Hasn’t Been Charged  – Oops

Sweden In Bed with Guantanamo On Indefinite Detention without Charge

Karl Rove In Bed with Swedish Prime Minister
Fredrik Reinfeldt
 in U.S. Political Prosecution of WikiLeaks


Sweden Conspired with Secret U.S. Intel Op to Instigate Iraq War 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


assange mask 9

CIA Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

 London Mayor Boris Johnson
“It’s absolutely ridiculous that money should be spent on frontline policing. It’s completely wasted.”

Baroness Jenny Jones, Deputy Chair of the Police & Crime Committee at the London Assembly
“It’s absolute madness… either somebody else has to pay – that is, the Swedish authorities –
or we just have to back off and stop guarding the embassy. It is ludicrous.”

Former Scotland Yard Royalty Protection Chief Dai Davies 
“It is unfair for taxpayers to continue to fund this farce. The time has come for the Met to review its strategy on Assange,
and withdraw the officers currently guarding the Ecuadorian embassy.”


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