Judge the Tree by its Fruit

Recently arrested for assault and battery while on probation for assault and battery (see: 12, 3, 4), John Anthony Fairhurst (a Freemason) aka DonLeezyInc. (1) is working in cooperation with another convicted felon Justin Eric King and Kevin Michael Allen to destroy innocent people in Anonymous.  This clan insisted on crashing the Nov. 5th sporting event that was scheduled at the Washington National Monument and published an article saying that Anonymous was “dismantled” and bracing for police violence.  Then, they topped it all off the weekend before the march by joining the Citizens’s Action group in their attempt to take the President of the United States of America hostage (see: 1, 23, 4, 5).  That’s not what Anonymous represents.  

See, also, The Secret Agent Poet Myth and MillionMaskMarch/dc_permit