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Sands BUSTS Trump as President of a Foreign Corporation *



Queen Christine, High Commissioner

1. 100% PROOF Rothschild & Soros fund WikiLeaks.
 2. 100% PROOF Julian Assange is framed in the 9/11 attacks.
 3. 100% PROOF Julian Assange leaked the lover letter to General Sands.
 4. 100% PROOF US Homeland Security provided Julian Assange security & communications.
 5. 100% PROOF British Foreign & Commonwealth Office & Soros fund Julian Assange.
100% PROOF Ecuador’s UK Ambassador worked on Julian Assange’s UN case.
100% PROOF Flames hit Pentagon on 9/11 BEFORE the object.
100% PROOF Julian Assange tied to 22 child sex slave torture camps.
100% PROOF General Sands has the bullet that assassinated JFK.
100% PROOF WikiLeaks spirit cooking is tied to Hampstead cannibal kids.

Jeffrey Epstein isn’t dead. The head doesn’t match. He’s alive.
We have insiders saying he was switchedWe have drone footage of him after death at his ranch. 

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24 YEARS (1996 – 2020) *