“UK World’s Laughing Stock,”

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You Know You’re BIG
When the UK Blows More than Twice as Much on Your Condom
as on the Murder of Their Own Princess

Swedish Supreme Court Chair Stefan Lindskog, "This case is only about condoms." >> @34:08 in video

Anna Ardin’s No Rape Tweet Brought to You by Anonymous

Anna Ardin & Sofia Wilen both say don’t charge, but Sweden intervened.
UK Common Law applies:  “State cannot be the victim.”  No victim = no crime.
Checkmate.  Game over.


 London Mayor Boris Johnson
“It’s absolutely ridiculous that money should be spent on frontline policing. It’s completely wasted.” 
Baroness Jenny Jones, Deputy Chair of the Police & Crime Committee at the London Assembly
“It’s absolute madness… either somebody else has to pay – that is, the Swedish authorities – or we just have to back off and stop guarding the embassy. It is ludicrous.” 
Former Scotland Yard Royalty Protection Chief Dai Davies 
“It is unfair for taxpayers to continue to fund this farce. The time has come for the Met to review its strategy on Assange, and withdraw the officers currently guarding the Ecuadorian embassy.” 

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Assist Julian by Tweeting Anna Ardin’s NO RAPE ADMISSION @UKHomeOffice | @aklagareSE
eMail UK Home Sec Theresa May Privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk | mayt@parliament.uk | public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
eMail Swedish Prosecutor Marianne.Ny@aklagare.se and registrator.uc-goteborg@aklagar.se
Contact UK Members of Parliament

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anna ardin

Anna Ardin ‏@therealardin @MiaAnkarwall nej, jag har inte blivit våldtagen, men jag anser ändå att djur har rättigheter och att människor är djur, tagga ner! 7:36 AM – 23 Apr 13 no, I have not been raped, but I do believe that animals have rights and that humans are animals, tag down!


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 “Now is the time to overthrow the U.S. government;
for, any government that allows a secret government to control is a government that must be overthrown.”

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