World Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector General Sands is Executive Producer of The Julian Assange Documentary and owner of this domain including Anonymous World Map. After hijacking Million Mask March and WikiLeaks from CIA, The General called off the march.

As most of you know, Julian Assange is an MKUltra victim, and his CIA team threw him under the bus.  More on that at:  *  You’ll want to go there:  we have 100% proof Stella Moris is a fraud and worse. The kids aren’t his. They’re trafficked. 


Proclamation 2022

There have been many popes and presidents, but Antichrist Jacob Rothschild (“JR”) runs City of London Corporation alias Corporation of London (“The City“). One square mile in the center of London, England is The City with the same name but is not London. US Presidents took the Freeman oath to The City. Bill Gates took the Freeman oath to The City. Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web took the oath to The City. Even UK Queen 70 years ago took the oath. It’s who holds UK Queen’s money and The Crown Jewels. 

Rothschild funded both sides of WW1 & WW2. Rothschild built the tunnels under NYC. Rothschild funded Vatican and made the Saudis rich. JR runs the private prisons in US via ownership of BlackRock, Blackstone & Vanguard and the biggest tax haven in the world out of Reno. JR runs the price of gold, diamonds, banks and $50 trillion in offshores in The City also known as the financial Capital of the world. Even CIA’s Robert David Steele’s pal Benjamin Fulford says Jacob Rothschild is head of the Khazarian mafia who rules the world.

The City where JR’s headquarters is and where elections are held not by people but by corporations. CIA MKUltra founder Allen Dulles said Rothschild is an Intelligence Service. JR owns UK, CIA & its boss Mossad, Israel w/ Balfour Declaration, US w/ Pentagon RESERVATION, Freemasonry ORIGINATING in The City, North Korea & its agent China where Rothschild is royalty, Russia, Spain, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Disney, Warner, mass media, the tabloids, Top 5 Artificial Intelligence firms, Top 10 US think tanks, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Hollywood, Marina Abramovic * and her sidekick Gaga. JR funds and runs WikiLeaks with his Genie Energy partners CIA’s Robert James Woolsey, CIA’s Rupert Murdoch and CIA’s George Soros. 

City of London carried out 9/11 with JR’s Genie partners Dick Cheney & Rupert Murdoch all tied to Jeffrey Epstein. JR with his servant Bill Gates are the beasts behind COVID. It’s “The Establishment” Assange called the Eton boys. The transnational security elite who Assange said runs the world. There in The City is where Julian Assange’s trial is conducted at Old Bailey not under UK jurisdiction conspiring with UK Royals who for decades engage in pedophilia, mass child sex slave trafficking and centuries of cannibalism.

JR’s The City of London. The oldest self-governing municipality in the world. For two thousand years their own government, own courts, tax system and police. With its own distinct borders guarded by 13 human sacrifice dragons, their church is closed Sundays: St Lawrence Jewry (which means Jew) but claims to be Christian and is neither. It is Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 3:9). There in The City of London, a city within a city within a country within a country, sits Antichrist Jacob Rothschild.

General Sands


SPECIAL REPORT | The Cannibals of London