My name is Inspector Sands. I hijacked Million Mask March from CIA. Like Occupy it was a Soros operation. USAID funds Soros for CIA: everything Soros is CIA. We fixed it, but then they changed their name to Antifa.

Good news is we turned this into World Public Court. Stay with us, because now we’re wrapping up hijacking WikiLeaks from CIA:  Julian Assange is a victim of CIA MKUltra’s gifted child program also known as “The Family” cult and The Finders.

Thank you, Anonymous, for your decade-long support. It wasn’t easy, but at least you know now why so many whistleblowers found themselves dead or in prison. 


“Julian Assange’s Judge Vanessa Baraitser is really Lisa Baraitser who runs a theatre company. Director Hamish Hamilton has been at all the hearings and the trial. He’s the guy directing the actors. Nobody is publicizing it, but witnesses say he’s there. It’s not even UK jurisdiction. Poor ‘sange. He never even slept with his gopher Stella. We gotta help him. He’s a victim of CIA MKUltra. A stolen orphan.” General Sands


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► Trump Busted as President of a Foreign Corp. *

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