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Queen Christine ORDERS King Julian to World Public Court for 9/11 *

NEW EARTH CHIEF | General Sands, 1st Commander

This US Veteran makes every reverent point, but we don’t fight. We put ONE person in charge of Earth who insists we don’t fight. That’s what we do. Brothers and sisters, there already is ONE person in charge of Earth. His name is Antichrist Jacob Rothschild, but his reign is over. Now there is World Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector General Sands on the scene also known as Queen Christine, High Commissioner of New Jerusalem Supreme Court who has come in fulfillment of Daniel, Isaiah & Revelation. She has brought with her the King of New Jerusalem who will rule Throne of David until the return of Lord Jesus. His name is King Julian. Having been a victim of Synagogue of Satan’s CIA, upon his confession he will be the ONE * to rule Earth under the guardianship of Queen Christine who shall make him fully and publicly accountable.

 WORLD PUBLIC COURT | Queen Christine, High Commissioner

1. 100% PROOF Rothschild & Soros fund WikiLeaks.
 2. 100% PROOF Julian Assange is framed in the 9/11 attacks.
 3. 100% PROOF Julian Assange leaked the lover letter to General Sands.
 4. 100% PROOF US Homeland Security provided Julian Assange security & communications.
 5. 100% PROOF British Foreign & Commonwealth Office & Soros fund Julian Assange.
100% PROOF Ecuador’s UK Ambassador worked on Julian Assange’s UN case.
100% PROOF Flames hit Pentagon on 9/11 BEFORE the object.
100% PROOF Julian Assange was an orphan raised on a CIA child sex slave camp.
100% PROOF General Sands has the bullet that assassinated JFK.
100% PROOF WikiLeaks spirit cooking is tied to Hampstead cannibal kids

General Sands ORDERS All World Ceasefire

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23 YEARS (1996 – 2019) *