Let Julian Assange Go, You UK Swine Fucking BabyEaters

Guy Fawkes & Superhero Masks for 2015

5 Days After Halloween on November 5



Queen of England’s Secret Freemasonry Paedophile Society

UK Declared “Child Abuse Capital of the World

Queen of England’s Order of the Garter rules Freemasonry fraternity using
Paedophile Ring:  1,400 UK Suspects, 357 UK Institutions with “Hundreds of UK Politicians & Celebrities”

Rothschilds & British Monarchy | Mulberry Lodge No. 9834 | Elite Satanic Ritual Abuse

 The Federal Reserve Cartel, Freemasonry and the Rothschilds

MMM 2015

All who fail to overthrow the U.S. gov support this.