Sands Busts Assange as CIA
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Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector General Sands is NOT a Spy 

Christine Ann Sands never worked for any government.

The Secret Agent Poet Myth

Contrary to false rumors, you’ll never hear General Sands say she’s the leader of Anonymous: not in audio, video, print nor text, because it never happened.

The lie was started by John Anthony Fairhurst, Justin Eric King and Kevin Michael Allan after General Sands bought the Million Mask March monopoly for $30 and built this site*  Sands dismissed it as jealous anger.  SIX years and still no proof, because it wasn’t true; and, that’s why Anonymous refers traffic to us.  Within WikiLeaks, blame United States Air Force @M_Cetera for attempting to destroy General Sands out of jealousy, or because @M_Cetera is still working for USAF.  Some accounts like @Raincoaster continue to spread lies which leads Million Mask March to believe they are controlled opposition.

General Sands built and runs The Anonymous World Map and WMPTN which is a Jesus-owned collaborative effort.

Some of the lying videos still exist on YouTube, but it’s nothing serious. Still, those forked-tongue chickens refuse to discuss the matter with General Sands in a public forum. Not only this, but that same group claims to have the “Official” Million Mask March event page but has for years led all their traffic to a dead map.  Now, Fairhurst calls himself Million Mask Movement. Pay attention to their “Million Mask March Map” tab.  This is their dead

Regarding Anonymous Rules

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RT |  Sands of Anonymous on Million Mask March (@ 8 min) | 5 NOV 2014


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