THE BOOK | By Chief Sands

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"I think perhaps that you are the Angel. Time does seem to have flown by. I simply wanted to send you a huge hug with love and entreat you to take good care of yourself. I look forward to our next meeting whenever and wherever that may be. Yours, ever respectfully and affectionately." Julian Assange Surveillance Chief, Scotland Yard - October 19, 2022
"If I could choose anybody to pack with, it would be you." Supervisor, DC Capitol Police. November 6, 2014
"I don't really talk to many people anymore, but my door is always open for you." Andrew Kreig, Assange Press - June 4, 2020
"You don't appear to fit the profile of the average WikiLeaks supporter. Some of whom are polymaths, and even poets, but few of whom are beautiful." John Perry Barlow - April 3, 2013
"Like General Sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Jay Leiderman - July 3, 2018
"How do we meet? I have vital intel for you." Trevor FitzGibbon, Assange PR - August 13, 2018
"I like Assange, but I do believe he is compromised. I am not interested in talking about it." Robert David Steele - June 6, 2020

Hi. I’m Chief Sands, and I own According to WikiLeaks and published by mass media, i’m the reason WikiLeaks refused to retweet Anna Ardin admitting she was never raped by Julian Assange.

This documentary is about me and Assange. I call him ‘sange. Fact is the stories others are telling about him aren’t real, because his real story was never revealed until here and now. Come with me on this true life adventure, and don’t mind these photos of me. I just threw them in so you know i’m not a “massive intelligence software program capable of destroying the Anonymous collective” as was widely published by none other than Anonymous.

Trivia: I’ve been single 24 years with better measurements than Pamela Anderson, but I don’t strip for every Tom, Dick & Harry like she does. Why still single? Most men won’t date a woman who’ll take down cannibals, CIA, US Gov, the British Empire, Illuminati and the Antichrist like my friends and I. *

Here’s the background and the problem: Scotland Yard told me UK Royals murdered Diana. Besides breeding pedophiles, UK Royals have a long history of cannibalism. King Charles is a close blood relative of Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula. You can look up everything i say, but i’m not gonna weigh this down with 1,000 extra links like i’ve done before. UK’s Met Police told me they only take orders from UK Queen (now King), but they both took the Freeman oath to City of London Corporation run by Jacob Rothschild who’s head of Rothschild dynasty. That’s who has ‘sange.* Don’t be fooled by Mexico, Ecuador * & France. Mexico knows Assange is CIA, because i told them. They’re Rothschild cronies like the rest.

My grandpa was killed by gangster Al Capone, cuz he stood up to Capone. It’s in my blood. My dad was US Army. He made maps at Fort Belvoir. I run Anonymous World Map. My mom was a Langenscheidt. They publish the German dictionary. Her dad was head of the Spanish consulate in Mexico from Madrid, Spain. I’m bilingual. Mom kept the books for the Ambassador of Venezuela in DC. Mom and dad loved Jesus. Jesus is my Lord.

Men in black said my IQ was genius in elementary school. If there’s one thing you’ll learn here, the gifted child program is CIA.* I graduated from 8 trade schools and attended 5 universities for television & radio broadcasting and filmmaking. I worked in fields of politics, administration, communications, law, medicine, finance, IT & filmmaking. I did a lot more than that. I sold everything from shoes to mutual funds, stocked cans, worked construction, modeled, acted, skied & marshaled jets for a living. I wrote a medical book and was even a licensed therapist, but little did i know my ability to build web sites would play a huge role in my life.

I became a filmmaker who quickly learned LARPers have more fun, so I stepped into character and created The Sands Show Comedy as my disclaimer. I bought 200 Internet domains including &, created a broadcasting network and started writing. My target audience was all world military intelligence. That’s why i took the character role as World Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector General. So i had that goin’ for me. That was 14 years ago.

Here’s a Nashville article about me.

I got involved with Anonymous Million Mask March in 2012. By 2013 i owned the monopoly on the domain. It culminated in my owning Anonymous World Map where every protest came through me to get on the map, cuz my site & historical map with 1,000 cities was the one Anonymous and mass media promoted. Turns out it was a Soros op like Occupy & WikiLeaks and morphed into Antifa after i hijacked it from CIA.

First they said i was a fed. Then they said i was crazy. Now they say i’m a crazy fed which is cute, but it was CIA’s Justin King who started the secret agent rumors about me. Justin was busted working for CIA’s human trafficking operation in Florida.* CIA doesn’t mean you’re smart. It means you lie and worse to clear your criminal record.

By now seasoned colleagues know i’m more than just a producer, creative director, writer and actress–which wasn’t too hard to figure out, because i’ve been saying it all along. CIA’s John Kiriakou & comedian Randy Credico swear I’m CIA. I haven’t bothered to figure out if they’re lying or just plain dumb, but I’d bet they’re both. Credico threatened me with a lobotomy. His dad was mafia.

Considering there are 37 different spy agencies in Washington, DC and nobody knows who’s who, it’s hard to tell. You’d think someone would bat an eyelash knowing the only journalist present at all WikiLeaks releases, Stefania Maurizi, has a boss whose boss is CIA MKUltra founder Allen Dulles.* WikiLeaks is CIA. 100%. My 14 years with WikiLeaks makes that a fact.

It’s easy to be deceived when you listen to people and fail to take into account their history, who they party with and where they get their money. Basically CIA lies about everything as they run both Republicans & Democrats purposefully making fights for diversion while they carry out their evil deeds. You don’t see me hanging with CIA, Hollywood & politicians lining my pockets with millions like WikiLeaks does. I’ll explain.

That’s me on my Anonomobile at DC Capitol. I slept with the DC Capitol Police supervisor in it. All the police loved me. Actually, my favorite place to park at night to sleep was on the water at the police station.

As i began to see all Julian Assange’s pals were dirty, i stopped listening to what he said and followed all his ties to Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, George Soros & UK Royals. Assange’s pal Oliver Stone lies about JFK. I know, cuz I have the video of Jackie shooting JFK in the head. I have the bullet. Smoke came from the barrel of the gun, then came the gunfire, then the bullet. NIST blacked it out on their new digitized version.* I worked for JFK’s sister Eunice and her husband Maria Shriver’s dad, Schwarzenegger’s in-laws. Arnold cheated on his wife for 30 years with the maid, but that’s not important. Michael Moore wanted to work with me, but he works for Clintons so i turned him down.

Trust me when i say Pentagon Reservation bombed & shot itself right there with another plane in the sky as the diversion. Even the groundskeeper admitted it.

Clintons. There’s a story. They were in The White House 1993 WTC bombing to 2001 WTC bombing. They set up 9/11 after they bombed Oklahoma City to cover up Whitewater. Assange dealmaker Rep. Dan Rohrabacher was in charge of that investigation and still lies about 9/11 like Clintons & Trump. Guantanamo is where they torture all the real whistleblowers. Send Assange to Guantanamo? Wouldn’t matter, cuz his lawyer is the lawyer for the guy who heads Guantanamo.

It got weird. It got into pedophilia, cannibalism & Synagogue of Satan. That’s when i was arrested at Assange’s house for fighting the Hampstead cannibals i tied him to. That’s when he defected CIA and leaked “Pop will eat itself” referring to me and then right after leaked spirit cooking about Clintons & Podesta which in turn sparked Pizzagate. I know this stuff is real. I worked with Armie Hammer for a month on the set of The Lone Ranger w/ Johnny Depp. Very creepy people who hang with Marilyn Manson. I was assaulted by senior crew. They wanted my lap top, but they didn’t get it, but later they did. Depp’s ex Amber Heard’s lawyer is Assange’s lawyer.

That’s the photo of me on Anna Ardin’s no rape tweet, cuz i was the one who took a snapshot of it before she deleted it.
You’re welcome, ‘sange.

It wasn’t easy to find out what i did, but owning, and living in Anonomobile, London, Ecuador & Washington, DC for Julian Assange gave me an edge. I was in Ecuador for the earthquake that leveled the coast. I lived with ex-military police at a place called Balcony of Angels where across the street CIA practiced jumping off the cliffs to land on the beach in front of my bungalow. There was a lot of drug trafficking, human trafficking & guerrillas around, but otherwise it was Heaven. In DC i was detained 30 times by secret service, federal agents and police. I didn’t mind too much. On the other hand, being thrown into UK prison gave me a taste of how evil legal people are. In all fairness, however, after seven years helping WikiLeaks, it was even hard for me to see the truth.

More on Assange’s fake family coming right up, but Assange’s asylum was revoked by Ecuador, because they found out his birth certificate is not legit.

Once I found out Assange was CIA and tied him to the occult, i had to refigure everything–which wasn’t too hard, cuz at least now i was thinking in the right direction. I knew he was silent, but i didn’t know if it was because CIA retired him as is protocol for compromised agents or cuz they cut him off. The “‘Pop Will Eat Itself’ ‘A love letter surely’ ‘Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies, Save the Entire Planet'” Assange leaked about me was amusing, but it still wasn’t enough to tell me if his heart was pure. Those lyrics, “Of this i’m sure, my heart is pure” could have just been another lie. By then I was used to his lies.

I was over 40 here when Chanel asked me to model. I turned them down. “She’s Got the Look” wanted me for their reality TV show. Steven Seagal asked me to strip for his show. When i turned him down, they asked me to be his personal assistant. No, thank you. They’re all sluts.

It was the whole Stella thing that gave away the condition of the purity of Assange’s heart. They had to fake the Pam & Stella photos. If he were still dirty, he would have taken the photos with Pam & Stella. He didn’t. The portraits were faked. Pam’s lap photo was faked. Stella’s pregnancy photo was faked. Stella swears nobody noticed she was pregnant, but even the only photo 60 Minutes put out was doctored. She lied. He never participated. Pam & Stella work for Murdoch. Stella was Assange’s dogsbody. That means gopher in America. Insiders say Stella wanted Assange; but, Stella is a spitting image of Murdoch & his daughter Prudence, and ‘sange only flirted with more glamourous women.

That’s me holding Hoot. He’s the owl in the film Harry Potter.

Pam worked for Trump & Clintons. Pam says she doesn’t make her own decisions. She says she goes where they tell her to go. She worked for Clinton’s child trafficking Network in Haiti where Red Cross scammed millions as usual. CIA’s Sean Penn was there. I met Sean in Aspen where i hung with Damon Wayans & Dave Chappelle at the piano, but that’s not important. Assange knew Red Cross & Peace Corpse are dirty. World Vision, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts are all dirty like Warner Bros. & Disney. CIA bought the land Disney’s on. Walt was CIA. Warner & Disney are Freemason like US Gov., and it all always leads back to Rothchild in City of London Corporation.

Freemasonry was just one worshipful company of 110 guilds that came from City of London Corporation. They don’t just run the money, they run the government, the legal system, intelligence, media and Hollywood. Rothschild’s partner Murdoch owned 20th Century Fox. If you work for Warner and get famous, you can count on being murdered at some point. They killed Kobe and CIA’s Anthony Bourdain. They killed Heath Ledger and the king of pedophilia Michael Jackson while he was dating Pam. Go figure Pam’s BF Courtney Love murdered her husband Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain day after he breaks up with her. No autopsy they say, cuz that would be too traumatic for Courtney. Courtney hangs w/ Rothschild’s Marina Abramovic.

Lots of actors involved. Assange’s “mum” was an actress. Stella’s mum is an actress. Stella’s brother is an actor. Assange’s fake brother Gabriel Shipton who was silent the first 10 years of Assange’s drama is an actor. The guy who brought the baby into the embassy was an actor. Even Judge Vanessa Baraitser who held Assange’s fake trial was actress Lisa Baraitser right down to the mole on her face.

What i realize is there’s good & bad guys in everything, and i’d bet most of those bad guys were good guys born into it given no choice but to comply or die. Those scars on Pam’s arms she says are from leeches didn’t happen by accident. No matter how hard, i’ve got to have mercy. Don’t believe in eternal Hell. We all meet The Maker, and it’s impossible for His light not to cast out all darkness on that day. Our God reigns, and even though we don’t know where Assange is, God knows where he is. Don’t give up. Keep your eyes on Him. This life on earth is temporary, but our life is eternal. What we think is bad can be used for good. What we think we’ve lost will never be lost. God is able to do all things including save Assange and the world. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Surely God can answer His own prayer.

What i believe after my 12-year journey writing The Julian Assange Documentary is he was a stolen orphan born into CIA’s MKUltra. The hospital where Assange was born in Townsville, Australia was busted as CIA MKUltra at the time he was born. His mum was in The Family cult tied to Royal Australian Air Force Intelligence, Murdoch, Vatican Treasurer pedophile Cardinal George Pell & CIA. No photos of Christine Ann Assange with boy Julian. No photos of her at all with him until he was 39. No photos of Shiptons with Assange even exist. The fake dad John Shipton isn’t even on the birth certificate, and witnesses say Shipton & Assange never made eye contact during the trial. Assange didn’t know Shipton until much later in life. All those people who vouch for Stella i tied to CIA. There’s no credibility.

Fun Fact: Christine Ann Sands is my birth name.

I remember going to the Assange workshop in Ecuador at CIESPAL. It was televised, livestreamed around the world in front of thousands. Assange participated. I asked the panel expert Dr. Carol Proner from Brazil about Sofia Wilen, but she never even heard of Sofia. I was a bit more than shocked. I again asked in both English & Spanish, but she insisted she never even heard of Sofia. These lying agents are so uninformed they can’t even keep up with their own lies. His last livestream was faked and took place six months prior. Assange never gave anybody permission to take over WikiLeaks and speak for him.

2012 Photo by Associated Press at Occupy LA where i was surrounded by an angry mob of 500 people at night who wanted to kill me for outing Mario Brito. Three months later they found out i was right.

What we’re talking about here is City of London Corporation controlled by Jacob Rothschild. They held Assange’s bogus trial outside UK jurisdiction at Old Bailey Central Criminal Court where he wasn’t permitted to show up or speak and where journalists & public weren’t allowed to listen. Assange couldn’t even say his own name correctly. He was drugged. The few times he appeared he wasn’t even there in person. Some unrecognizable person who they said was Assange was on a television screen. Stella was there laughing with her real lover M.C. McGrath funded $100,000 by Epstein pal PayPal founder Peter Thiel.* That PayPal funk was a scam to incite donations for CIA’s WikiLeaks. Courage Foundation Trustee Vivienne Westwood gives everything to UK Royals whose purse Rothschild holds. Her best friend is pedophile King Charles. Now listen to this.

Same City of London “financial & pedophile capital of the world” with Rothschild Intelligence running Mossad, MI6, CIA, China & Russia and everybody else who launders their money through that $50 trillion in offshores out of that 1-square mile pretending to be London but isn’t. It’s who Assange called the Eton boys, the transnational security elite and The Establishment. Why do you think US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan took the Freeman oath to City of London like UK Queen & Bill Gates? Even CIA MKUltra founder Allen Dulles said Rothschild is an Intelligence Service. MKUltra never disappeared. It was created at the same time by the same people as Nevada’s Area 51 just like the world’s biggest tax haven run by Rothschild out of Reno, Nevada. I’ll show you a million pedophiles for every alien you show me.

Trivia: I was born in Reno, Nevada where Marilyn Monroe shot her last film. She died on my birthday.

Somehow i found my way from Julian Assange to Jacob Rothschild to City of London Corporation tied by UK Royals, Murdoch, Soros and Pentagon Reservation. Ask a native American what reservation means. They’ll tell you. It ain’t USA. That One World Order everybody wonders about? Follow the money. Sovereign City of London Corporation headed by Jacob Rothschild outside UK jurisdiction. Oldest self-governing municipality in the world and surrounded by 13 human sacrifice dragons of Saint George. Same Rothschild Intelligence. Same CIA partner Robert James Woolsey who heads WikiLeaks aka Snowden’s Booz boss & Assange’s CIA handler since 1993. Trump’s & Clinton’s adviser Woolsey which is why Trump & Assange have the same Epstein/Weinstein lawyer 9/11 terrorist dirt bag Dershowitz friend of Rothschilds. Think about it.

Poor ‘sange defected CIA, and i lived to tell the story. Not like they didn’t try to kill me in Anonomobile by cutting the steering and the brakes which they did, but i lived. My God is bigger than Antichrist Jacob Rothschild holding “Eyes Wide Shut” Satanic rituals inside his castle with Nicole Kidman who’s godmum to two of Murdoch’s kids. Nicole’s dad was 9th Satanic Circle and died in a stair fall accident the week of his pedophile trial. Horror enthusiast Kubrick who directed it mysteriously died right after it was shot before the release. Kubrick’s kid pals w/ Assange, and they found the Kubrick collection in Assange’s office.

Speaking of castles, i bet you didn’t know John Shipton lives in a castle visited by UK Queen. Certainly does. You remember the hot actress Rachel Ward in the forbidden series The Thorn Birds about the priest who had sex. Her sister Tracy Ward is Assange’s other fake kid’s godmum. She lives in Badminton House which is a castle with Shipton. Badminton belongs not to her nor to the Dukes of Hazzard but to the Duke of Beaufort, and God only knows where 80-year old Shipton got that little girl he says is his.

So many lies. US Homeland Security begot Blue Cell begot UC Global run by Pam’s neighbor & sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson. The trap door in Assange’s skateboarding video led to MI5 under his floor. They blocked the plumbing when Assange defected. That’s why all the pee bottles in the garbage. No drainage. Knightsbridge secret tunnel right there was why millions was spent pretending to guard the broken condom and is why WikiLeaks defended Assange’s accusers even though CIA’s Anna Ardin continued to accuse Assange and CIA’s Sofia Wilen vanished and never publicly defended Assange.

We remember FBI Chief Ted Gunderson saying there’s a Satanic global military intelligence network operating full throttle, and everybody refuses to do anything about it. Biggest pedophile bust in history involved the employee of British BAE Systems who works with Pentagon Reservation. I bet you knew Pentagon was built on a place called Hell’s Bottom. I bet you knew Old Bailey where Assange’s bogus trial was held is built on Newgate Prison with tales of cannibalism.

Not at all surprising Jacob Rothschild took a pic with spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic in front of Satan’s Legion, and Assange’s pals Pussy Riot & Gaga hang with Abramovic like Pam’s BF Courtney. I’m just scratching the surface. Assange’s mentor Vivienne Westwood who introduced Pam to Assange had a kid with CIA’s Malcolm McLaren and raised her kids in porn. We’ve got photos of Westwood as a cannibal witch. Assange’s big kiss lawyer Helena Kennedy sleeps with King Charles & Camilla. Of course, Murdoch hangs with King Charles. Pam hangs with Murdoch’s wife Jerry Hall now his ex, and Jerry’s ex Mick Jagger’s ex Bianca is also pals w/ Assange. It’s a small crowd. They don’t let many people in, you know.

Assange knew exactly what he was doing when he leaked spirit cooking after i was arrested at his place for fighting the cannibals tied to WikiLeaks insider MI5’s Annie Machon. Annie’s landlord was Belinda McKenzie. Belinda was in charge but said i was. She took me to Hellfire Caves. She set me and Sabine McNeill up. She has a property at the tube station with a house and another underground house right there. I was there. Sabine got 9 years and served 4 for protecting the children. I got immediately kicked out of UK on my first offense. The one and only time i was ever arrested was Easter weekend at Assange’s for fighting cannibals who rape, kill & eat babies. I’ll never forget.

I was on the phone with Sabine and WikiLeaks fake chief Kristinn Hrafnsson when Sabine told him about the cult. He didn’t give a shit. Now we know why: WikiLeaks is tied to the cult. Sabine was a programmer at CERN. After her years in prison,* she only wants to do puzzles using numbers.* BEWARE of Angela Power-Disney, and don’t let Ella Draper fool you. Ella’s ex is cannibal dad Ricky Dearman, but her 1st husband was also in the cult. Ella knew everything that was happening to those kids the whole time they were growing up and is why Ella says I’m a fed.

I published the medical reports proving the Hampstead Christ Church cannibal kids were raped and the Royal Court covered it up. UK Queen owns it. I was undercover inside the baby eater church. I heard super loud chanting. I thought it was the protesters outside ready to bust the doors down. My heart was pounding through my chest. When i got outside, they said it was all quiet. I couldn’t figure it out. I kid you not i heard the shrill of a child as if right behind my head during communion when the priest said, “Eat the body and drink the blood,” but there was no child there. Months went by, and I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t know the chanting was coming from underground. The mass above ground was masking the underground ceremony. The shriek was piped in from underground.

Of course, you’ve seen these people at their cannibal festivals with Pam Anderson who works for Rothschild’s partner Murdoch who started her career. Pam the child sex trafficker who despite showing her tits to Assange in the embassy on video was rejected by him just like Stella. Those kids aren’t Assange’s kids: they’re trafficked. CIA traffics tons of kids all the time just like CIA’s Robert David Steele said, “All US military bases abroad traffic small children.” We tied Playboy to CIA via Castle Bank. Pam showed up at Dunkirk refugee camp in France giving free whisky to all the volunteers, and the next thing ya know there’s a rape crisis. She forgets to mention that part, just like she says everybody knows Hollywood is run by pedophiles but leaves all their names out while she hangs with victims like Corey Haim and perpetrator Andy Dick.

There’s a reason Assange was hanging at Hellfire S&M (painful public sex) Club with George Clooney as a kid setting up their computer system. They held their 25th anniversary at Royal Melbourne Hotel in the abandoned underground police station where the whole force walked off because of corruption. Assange didn’t help police uncover pedophiles. The results of that investigation were never released. He was raised by these pedophiles.

I tied Julian Assange to 22 child sex slave torture camps including Assange’s fake kid’s godmum M.I.A. married to Rothschild’s partner Bronfman of NXIVM sex slave cult. Dumber than a bag of rocks, M.I.A. hangs with UK Royals and says Assange likes Bush now cuz Bush changed. Assange’s advocate shill Russell Brand was also married to a Rothschild.* Rothschild funds Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson via Tony Tabatznik at Bertha Foundation.* Nine Rothschilds & Murdoch busted with Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell like Assange’s pal Roger Waters who broke up Pink Floyd who they can’t stand. Jen’s BF Assange’s lawyer Amal Clooney raised millions for Clintons & funds UK Royals with her husband George Clooney who slept with Ghislaine and pals w/ Harvey Weinstein. There’s a reason Oprah hangs w/ Weinstein and has dead babies show up at her school. We got photos of Ghislaine, Epstein & Weinstein at Windsor Castle attending UK Royal birthday parties w/ pedophile Prince Andrew & his Royal pedophile brother King Charles aka Jimmy Savile’s pal who raped a thousand kids at BBC. Pam was doing Andrew’s pal pedophile Peter Nygard.

Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens worked for Rothschild and had Assange’s power of attorney. The guy who held Assange’s surety is Joseph Farrell. Farrell is the funky looking guy with red hair, pink clothes and round eyeglasses. I caught him pissed at Assange saying it was his “debriefing” basically telling Assange to shut up. That’s a CIA term. Farrell got his start from Soros who got his start from Rothschild. Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson worked with Mark Stephens for Rothschild–which explains why her boss Tony Tabatznik was funded by Rothschild. Remember Assange’s house arrest? It was at Frontline Club owner Vaughan Smith’s mansion. His dad was UK Queen’s secret messenger. Frontline is funded by Soros. WikiLeaks adviser Ben Laurie’s dad worked in the UK underground. Ben was head of Google security–which explains how Google met WikiLeaks.

Assange was hanging inside US Embassy in Iceland. Iceland’s Army is US Army. Assange’s bodyguard Dan Sommer is US Army from Iceland like Assange’s ex-pal pedophile FBI informant Siggi the hacker. Birgitta Jonsdottir stabbed Assange in the back, and DDoS & BlueLeaks are CIA. Assange’s lawyers CIA’s Geoffrey Robertson, Edward Fitzgerald & Helena Kennedy represented Moors murderers who went around raping and killing children. Assange’s lawyer Greg Barns freed a dozen terrorists.

Stella is really Sara Gonzalez Devant who was working for US DoD’s Stephen M. Saideman at Jeanne Sauve Foundation when she started WikiLeaks. Saideman is US Joint Staff, US Army War College, US Naval War College & NATO. Stella’s BF is Rebecca Vincent at Reporters w/out Borders who works for US Department of State. Assange’s extradition lawyer Mark Summers is US DoJ. John Barlow spent half his time at CIA and founded Freedom of the Press Foundation with Assange. Barlow taught JFK Jr. to fly, and shortly after we all know what happened to him. Dead. Center for Investigative Journalism & Amnesty are CIA via USAID/Soros. Stella’s dad is secret agent Sergio Albio Gonzalez who worked with Julian Assange’s rape accuser Anna Ardin in Cuba for CIA’s SIDA.

Snowden is CIA. No investigative journalists could find Snowden w/ Sarah Harrison in Moscow Airport 40 days & nights, cuz they weren’t even there. Sarah said they were just good hiders. She lied. She double-crossed Assange and tried to get him to surrender the week she returned to UK after being in Berlin for three years. She didn’t care about Assange after he dumped her for doing the wild thing with Snowden. Sarah came from City of London Corporation. 99.95% of all Snowden docs were never even released, and the Intelligence Community already knew it all anyway. It was a CIA trash dump like Vault 7 which CIA later claimed responsibility for. Snowden is a glorified CIA garbageman.

Manning is a nobody who only plays video games and pretended to leak to CIA’s WikiLeaks in exchange for a sex change. Only 2 journalists were allowed at Manning’s trial: Alexa O’Brien who works for Soros at Airwars and Kevin Gosztola who worked for Kevin Zeese who headed Occupy DC which was a Soros op.

Gets worse. Jeremy Hammond’s dad was busted for pedophilia. Glenn Greenwald got his start in porn like Cassandra Fairbanks who lied about seeing Assange. We call her FBI Fairbanks, cuz she was sleeping w/ FBI’s Brandon Darby. Fairbanks told Jerome Corsi she slept w/ Assange, but she lied. She worked for Trump & Roger Stone who Assange called a disease and a liar. It’s why shill Alex Jones who knows WikiLeaks is CIA and FBI informant Pete Santilli back her.

Pete called me with Ammon Bundy on the phone of Bundy Militia the night before FBI assassinated LaVoy Finicum. I was on my way there. LaVoy wasn’t reaching for his gun, he was reaching for his gunshot wounds.

Assange’s adoptive dad Gavin MacFadyen’s adoptive dad was US Army specializing in human experimentation: MKUltra. Both Assange and Gavin were fatherless and as youths spent time in psych wards. When FBI wanted to politically investigate Gavin, CIA stopped the investigation saying it was a matter of US National Security. Gavin gave 2-faced Bernie Sanders his start. Gavin is dead. Go figure he didn’t know his wife long, and it was un unexpected death.

Robert David Steele who told me in writing Assange is compromised is dead. Kevin Zeese dead. Kevin Gallagher dead. Seth Rich dead because of WikiLeaks. Michael Hastings dead because of Jennifer Robinson at WikiLeaks. John Jones, Aaron Swartz, Arjen Kamphuis all dead because of WikiLeaks. Marine James Dolan dead. Poor Adrian Lamo dead for Manning’s lies. Murdered. Dolan & Swartz founded Secure Drop which Snowden stole to funnel all mass media secret intake docs to Russia for Rothschild Intelligence. Jeremy Hammond’s fake mum Sue Crabtree dead, but i didn’t care cuz she lied about me.

Speaking of assassinations, Rothschild begot Leon Black begot Apollo Global Management begot Yahoo who lied about CIA’s Assange assassination plot. Sure, CIA wants Assange dead, but only because he defected. That bogus article had 247 references to nobody. It’s how they play the game. They lie and fill in the blanks with words like “insiders say” and “anonymous sources” said. Leon gave Epstein $158 million, so that’s who Yahoo is. It’s the Epstein mafia with Rothschild & Murdoch. Who do you think had the Epstein “dead” body and 9/11 Pentagon attack exclusives? Exactly: Murdoch. All the rot coming out of UK and US is Murdoch & Rothschild who holds Rothermere’s money of Daily Mail. Remember: Ghislaine’s dad Robert Maxwell was a media mogul, and guess who his banker was. Exactly: Rothschild. Maxwell got knocked off, too.

Assange’s DC lawyer Michael Ratner dead funded by Soros via Center for Constitutional & Human Rights and pals w/ Tabatznik funded by Rothschild. Same Tabatzniks of South Africa who run shady psych wards like Assange’s The Family cult. Assange’s current DC lawyer Barry J. Pollack is the lawyer for US War Court. I used to work for his boss. His boss married my boss, but that’s not important.

For years i was friends with Assange’s Press. We hung out on Anonomobile. Lunches. Dinners. Hours on the phone. We went to DC National Press Club. Went to a private meeting there with US Marshals. They asked me to help them. They said their whistleblowers are getting murdered. Said their innocent kids are arrested just to be raped in jail. They said i was brave and in danger of being murdered by CIA. Said i was smart. Beautiful. Told me his best friend Wayne Madsen dated a CIA agent for 5 years before he learned she was CIA. Assange wanted Wayne to work with him, but Wayne said no. You’d think after all that my friend would have told me he was Assange’s Press, but he never did. I found out years later through Internet Archives. I know i didn’t tell you his name, but that’s because we’re still friends.

Assange’s pal Barlow hit on me. He’s dead, too. Assange’s PR man Trevor FitzGibbon hit on me. Trevor told me he had vital intel for me. He wanted to meet me in person. I didn’t trust him. I didn’t go. I didn’t wanna be dead. Trevor was doing the wild thing with Snowden’s & Thomas Drake’s lawyer Jesselyn Radack who publicly swore Stella isn’t a lawyer, but we already knew that. Jacob Appelbaum was doing the wild thing with Laura Poitras. Kevin Zeese’s partner Angel Fox aka Nichole Lynn Caudill said she married Assange in the Embassy. She showed me the wedding ring & marriage certificate. Crock of shit. She lives with a 400 lb. guy in the US.

Note: WikiLeaks bouncer big fat Greek Emmy shoving people out of line at court got busted on camera taking a Soros payoff in a black Mercedes in front of MI5.

Enough small talk.

Assange & Clinton both credited for sparking Arab Spring resulted in US Army War College in charge of Egypt whose President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is US Army War College just like UN’s Nils Melzer backing Assange is US Naval War College. I’ll keep going. See what Douglas Valentine says about Daniel Ellsberg, and you’ll see Ellsberg is a tool. Breaking into Watergate was also about a pedophile black book. I lived near there. Assange pal Chris Hedges started the Iraq War for NYT lying about WMD’s. Hedges also lies about 9/11 and fails to tell people the truth about Assange defecting CIA. NYT CEO Mark Thompson covered up for Jimmy Savile at BBC. Cryptome’s John Young is CIA. John’s father-in-law is CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios. John Shipton got ownership of WikiLeaks from Natsios. Shipton’s neighbors say he was secretive adding they have no idea how he made his money. We do.

Lies on lies. Emperor of Japan was working for Rothschild when they bombed Pearl Harbor. Rothschild funded both sides of WW1 & WW2. UK lied to get US to enter WW2. When US nuked Japan, they knew the war was already over. They dropped the bombs anyway. It’s all Rothschild from City of London Corporation who runs Pentagon Reservation sovereign like their pedophile friends at Vatican.

All that and no accountability until now with the birth of the Internet. We’re in the Valley of Vision of Isaiah 22. Thank God for Assange so we could follow his ass and figure it all out. Glory be to God.

Assange was supposedly busted in ’93 for hacking Pentagon, but he was back in USA in ’98 pictured in US Army duds. Back again when he released “Collateral Murder” video from DC National Press Club then just flew out of USA like nobody cared. Bush funded Assange’s DARPA training. Assange worked for Sandia National Labs where the 9/11 Pentagon missile came from. Assange never attended 37 different schools. Beware: the gifted child program is CIA. No high school diploma and straight to University of Melbourne where The Family cult leader had a wing named after him. It’s Assange’s only legal address. They tried to recruit me as a kid saying i was genius, but mom put a stop to that.

Reminds me of something else my mom said no to: Gigi Hadid’s dad. I was 21. He was 31. He had a couple Rolls-Royces. He was young and hot. A real gentleman. The kind of eyes you’d get lost in, ya know. We dated, but mom thought he was too old, so she always told him i wasn’t home. That was before cell phones. Good thing, because California just made him destroy the biggest house in Bel-Air, his house, cuz according to Jennifer Aniston it was too big. Not only that, but i had no idea he was funded by Saudi 9/11 terrorists at SAARS Network in Virginia. Bad enough i was already in love with 9/11 terrorist Julian Assange, but in love with two 9/11 terrorists would be over the top. I was in a movie with Aniston. I forget which one. George Hamilton reached out to me for a date, but he’s too old for me, too.

Serious. Assange is 100% deeply framed in the 9/11 attacks and is why he said 9/11 just isn’t that important anymore. Assange’s chief lawyer Baltasar Garzon is a convicted spy felon. He’s the disbarred lawyer who pretended to indict Pinochet for child sex slave torture camps, but Pinochet never even stood trial. Garzon has been working for CIA for decades as the judge who indicted Osama bin Laden who also never stood trial. Garzon was funded by Rockefeller while Rockefeller University was busted for 40 years of mass pedophilia. It was WikiLeaks who triggered the 2011 fake Osama bin Laden raid, but Osama was already dead in 2001 of kidney failure which is why the PM of Pakistan was assassinated right after she said it. Garzon is from Spain where their ridiculous King was recently knighted by UK Queen into Order of the Garter which rules over the six million Freemasons alongside pedophile Prince Andrew.

Fortunately, i told the story on, and, but I’ll be the first to tell you US Army Military Intelligence confirmed with me that WikiLeaks was CIA working with Osama bin Laden–which is why Assange’s pal the free & the rich Kim Dotcom had access to all Osama’s bank accounts. No coincidence it was Woolsey who “busted” Kim Dotcom. Even The Washington Post National News Desk told me they know Assange is CIA. Was CIA. He defected. He’s missing.

Sure, i hijacked Million Mask March and WikiLeaks from CIA, but now what? Run for President? For what? I hate world borders. It just makes for more conflict and greedy rulers. Everybody was owned by City of London Corporation until now. We’ve surrounded them in the Valley of Vision of Isaiah 22. Sure would be sweet if Assange backs me up like he backed me up when WikiLeaks admitted they contacted mass media to lie about me. Assange said if WikiLeaks tried to destroy me, Anonymous would destroy WikiLeaks. Considering the only thing that turned Assange on was power, that’s a pretty sexy compliment. WikiLeaks forbade the mention of my name. They said i was too prolific.

I’m Christian albeit not the typical hypocrite who sends all other religions to hell. Assange said the only religion that will survive is a forgiving Islam, but he told Gavin to, “Sock it to God forever.” Assange says God exists, but the God he knew was people who said they were Jesus and raped him. If he’s alive, he’s certainly being tortured by these same people. His fake mum was an auntie who tortured kids in his cult.

CIA’s WikiLeaks threw Assange under the bus and gave him the fake wife to go with the fake family to create the false narrative that national security journalism is illegal worldwide. Don’t fall for it. Assange fell out with Kristinn Hrafnsson a year before Hrafnsson took over. Assange played the hand they gave him until he thought he could get out. I aim to help him. Everybody in Intelligence has been watching me for years, because I own

Victory is our destiny. The wicked are here today and gone tomorrow, but we who are righteous shall inherit the earth. Psalm 37:29. Behold now the end of the reign of the Antichrist: Revelation 2:26-29, Isaiah 2:1-4, Isaiah 22, Daniel 7:23-28.