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REV 3 NOV 2013

Million Mask March Washington National Monument Permit Obtained

5 NOV 2013  – All will meet at the Washington National Monument (NE Quadrant).  Permit:  9am-9pm

WARNING:  Fairhurst Strikes Again:  Some will then proceed to Lafayette Park (east side).   Lafayette permit 9am-5pm 

1. Christine Ann Sands met with the National Park Service (“NPS”) 22 OCT 2013 from 11:30 am – 12:15 pm. The discussion surrounded DC Million Mask March (“MMM”) permits and local ordinances. Present from the NPS were Robbin Owen, Sgt. Wong, Officer Gamble and Bill Walsh.

2. Regarding ordinances, NPS said, yes, it is permitted to wear masks as long as the intent is non-violent. Signs and banners are permitted. Golf carts are not permitted.  Selling masks on park property is not permitted. If police observe sales on park property, vendor will be asked to leave. Items “given” away are excluded. Vending permits off park property must be obtained.  The Rebel Corp has donated a supply of masks to Anonomobile for donations of $2 and up made to the Anonomobile gasoline fund. 

3. REV 28 OCT 2013  Sands initiated a DC MMM permit after learning there was no DC MMM permit and was issued Permit #13-1631 for Nov. 5 from 9am-6pm for 1,000 persons at the Lincoln Memorial.  Permit to be amended to continue until 9pm.  Andrew Kreig of Justice Integrity Project is working with Sands on this event.  Speakers, videos and exciting music venue with dancers. 

4. Another DC MMM organizer, John Anthony Fairhurst, is associated with a permit for this event in the name of his cousin Robert M. Clapp. Clapp’s permit #13-1369 is for Nov. 4th from 9am-9pm for picketing on The White House sidewalk and for Nov. 5 from 9am-5pm at Lafayette Park for 1,000 persons.  Klassic Sound is scheduled to set up at Lafayette Park at 9:30am and dismantle at 2pm.

5. Fairhurst is directing DC MMM attendees to meet at the Washington Monument (“Monument”) on Nov. 5 at 9:00am. Per NPS, Clapp Monument permit request was denied due to an already-scheduled athletic event.  REV 28 OCT 2013 Sands obtained permit for Washington National Monument when previously scheduled athletic event cancelled. Since the athletic event begin at 9:00am in the NE Quadrant at the Monument, if MMM attendees who meet at the Monument leave by 9:00am—which is the starting time for the Lafayette Park permit—there will be no conflict with the athletic event. Should an organized march be planned from the Monument to Lafayette Park, according to the NPS, Clapp’s permit must be amended to include the march.  I’m talking with Robbin Owen to see if I can arrange for the Monument permit at a different quadrant and for a march permit to Lafayette; otherwise, according to NPS, there willl be a “law enforcement issue.”

Disclaimer:  No declaration of any formal affiliation with DC MMM permit holder Robert Clapp and his association with MARS Special Operations Group can or will be made by Anonymous.  There is no leader of Million Mask March; there is no leader of Anonymous.  Founder of Oath Keepers has been made witness.  Anonymous will not be blamed for those who subscribe to the name and not the principles of peace in the pursuit of justice.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

See, also, MMM DC Permit

Since Sands obtained Washington, DC, Million Mask March permit for The Washington National Monument, the following notices no longer apply.

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