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You don’t have to wear a mask.  Some people wear bandanasski or MardiGras masks. In London, they’ll be wearing black robes, white wigs and Anonymous masks.  A variety of superhero costumes may also be used.

Print a Guy Fawkes Mask

guy fawkes mask paper cutout



Million Mask March Mask (2014)Nice Way to Protect Yourselves
from Being Peppersprayed

Also Handy:  Umbrellas & Decontamination Wipes 

2013 I sat down in a conference room w/ U.S. Park Police in Washington, DC to discuss wearing masks at Million Mask March. They left it up to me as to whether masks should be permissible, because masks are allowed if no harm is intended.  I told police it was a peaceful event and asked what guarantee they could give that the U.S. gov would not commit a false flag at MMM. They said they wouldn’t discuss it but permitted masks.  General Sands